DIY Moisture Beach Soap

During the summer with all the sun and heat, everybody’s skin can use a little extra moisture… so we made this beach inspired soap with added avocado oil. I chose glycerin for this project for multiple reasons, most importantly that unlike lye based soap making techniques, its a non-toxic and safe method to make with your kids of any age. It’s also fast and easy with instant gratification, as well as the skin benefits of using glycerin based products. It’s very gentle on sensitive skin and because glycerin has a lower pH, it helps skin retain its moisture and doesn’t strip its lipid layer which can leave it feeling dry. You can buy blocks of clear or white glycerin for soap making in any craft store, and it’s also easy to get in kits as well that usually come with the glycerin, a mold and a few starter items. The nice thing about this project is it yields beautiful results but doesn’t take a high level of skill or experience with soap making!

To get started you will need:

  • White glycerin 
  • Clear glycerin 
  • Blue, purple, and orange soap/food dye
  • Fine glitter (optional)
  • Soap scent (optional)
  • Avocado oil (almond oil, coconut oil, or vitamin e oil all work as well)
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Microwaveable container to melt soap (or pot to melt on stove)
  • Basic flat bar soap mold
  • Rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle (to adhere layers of soap together)
  1. We start with making the bottom blue layer. Chop enough clear glycerin to cover just the bottom of the molds  from the block and cut into small pieces to heat
  2. Place in microwave safe container that’s good for pouring (we used a glass measuring cup), and microwave in 10 second increments until it’s completely liquid, or heat on stove in pot until its completely melted but not boiling.
  3. If you used the stove, first pour into a measuring cup or a good container for pouring, if not, leave it in the same container it’s in. Add a few drops of blue food coloring, a few drops of avocado oil, and a few drops of your soap scent or essential oil if your using it. If you’re using glitter, mix that in now as well. Stir until blended thoroughly
  4. Pour just enough in each mold to cover the bottom with a thin layer and allow to cool
  5. When the bottom blue layer is almost completely solid, begin to prepare the second layer. For the second layer we will be using the white soap to create a lavender layer. Repeat the same chopping and heating instructions as with the first blue layer. 
  6. Once white soap is melted, add a few drops of avocado oil, a few drops of scent if you’re using it, and 2-4 drops of purple dye to create lavender or light purple.  
  7. Lightly spray the blue soap in the mold with the alcohol spray bottle, this ensures the second layer of soap will adhere to the first
  8. Once the blue layer has been sprayed with alcohol, and the purple mix is prepared, pour another thin layer in the mold, making sure there’s still room at the top, then let cool until solid again. 
  9. This will be the trickiest step of making the soap because you will need to prop one end of the mold up on something to create the sand. I just used jar lids in my kitchen, basically anything that holds it up at an angle will work. I placed the alcohol bottle at the other end of my mold to keep it from sliding off the jar lids it was propped up on. Have these things ready before you make the peach batch and it will run a lot smoother. 
  10. To prepare the sand batch, you will only need a small amount of white glycerin, enough to cover about half of what’s still empty in each mold. Chop your white glycerin and melt the same way as with the previous batches
  11. Once it’s completely liquid, mix in just a small amount of the orange food dye so that it’s a light sandy color, and spray with purple layer in the mold with the alcohol once again. 
  12. Be prepared to prop one end of the mold up at this point. While it’s still flat, pour only along one edge of the mold
  13. Now that you’ve poured it, prop one side of the mold up on an object so the mold is slanted, with the side you poured the soap on down. We’re doing this so that this batch only fills one end of the mold to the top, to recreate sand. I used the alcohol bottle as a stopper to keep it from sliding off of the jar lids I propped one side up on. Allow it to completely cool in this position 
  14. Now we’re going to create our ocean. before we melt and pour our blue, have a small extra microwave safe container ready, because we’re going to make a very small batch of white to create the waves and foam at the end. Even a mug will work for that portion because we won’t be pouring it. Have some white glycerin cut up in this container ready to microwave prior to heating the clear glycerin. 
  15. Spray the soap inside the mold with rubbing alcohol one more time 
  16. Chop and melt another batch of clear glycerin to make our ocean
  17. Once it’s totally melted, add avocado oil, scent, and blue dye. Mix thoroughly and pour into the empty side of the mold, where the sand isn’t. It’s ok if it flows a little bit over the high point of the sand. 
  18. Quickly warm up the small batch of white glycerin, until it’s totally melted.
  19. While the blue soap is still liquid, take a popsicle stick and dip it into the melted white glycerin and than dab, dribble, and drop white soap all along the edge of the blue soap. It will bleed and blend into the blue, and you can swirl it just a little to blend if you like. Repeat this step as many times as you need until you get your desired effect. 
  20. Let harden and enjoy your new skin loving moisture beach soap!

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