Funfetti Frosting Slime

After making cupcakes with my daughter all day, we decided to make a batch of fluffy slime in honor of one of her favorite things, frosting. I’ve messed around with a lot of different versions of fluffy slime recipes but today I think I perfected ours. It’s so fluffy it’s almost foamy, but doesn’t get sticky or fall apart either, it’s nice and pliable like taffy. We hope you enjoy it! 

To get started you will need:

  • White school glue
  • Foaming shaving cream
  • Liquid starch
  • Pink and purple food coloring 
  • Sprinkles 
  • Mixing bowl
  • Plate
  1. Pour 1 cup of glue into the mixing bowl, along with 1 cup of shaving cream (the shaving cream isn’t an exact science, it’s going to foam up over the top a bit and that’s fine) 
  2. Add the pink food coloring and mix it all the way through until the color is solid, keep adding the it until you reach the color depth you prefer 
  3. Add the liquid starch and start stirring. It will start firming up the foam mix almost immediately, so just keep mixing and stirring, making sure you get the stuff stuck to the sides of the bowl, until you have one big fluffy glob in the middle 
  4. Pull it all up, including the random strings and pieces in the bowl and start working it together in your hands. Don’t worry if it looks stringy in places, the longer you work it the smoother it will look. Roll it up and lay it down to rest on a plate 
  5. Repeat the steps again using the purple food dye to create the second batch and roll it up and lay it down next to the pink on the same plate 
  6. Once they’ve had a few minutes to melt into each other, pick them both up from the top, and stretch them out and twist them into each other
  7. Cover in sprinkles, fold in half, and cover in sprinkles again 
  8. Pick it up to stretch and watch the colors run and stretch with it! 

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