Easy Unicorn Play Dough

This one was really fun, and surprisingly easy and successful. I haven’t always had luck with play dough recipes, but this one has consistently good results, fast to make, and fun to customize. A little disclaimer however, there is literally no way to make this without a mess, but it’s only corn starch and lotion so it’s easy to pick up. Most of the recipes you find for play dough use flour, which is a problem if you have wheat allergies or celiac disease like a few of my family members. This one has an added bonus that kids or caretakers with celiac will definitely be able to enjoy this project as well. So let’s get started with our magic unicorn play dough! 

First you will need:

  • Large mixing bowl 
  • 1 cup of cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup of lotion or conditioner, I used some of my left over lotion from Christmas for its sparkley sweet smell
  • Blue, pink, and purple food coloring 
  • Iridescent glitter 

  1. Scoop the cup of corn starch into the bowl, spread evenly and then pour the lotion or conditioner right on top 
  2. Start mixing it in circles until it starts to clump up, it should be on the dry side (not sticky) but not crumbling either. As I mixed it, in the areas it seemed a little wet a would sprinkle a little corn starch and continue to mix. 
  3. Once it reaches the right consistency, pour your glitter right on top and then continue to mix until it’s evenly distributed. 
  4. Once the glitter is all mixed in, it’s time to add the food coloring and begin mixing. We added a drop of each color in different spots along the edges of the dough and then began to knead it and fold it in. It should begin to look like this:If it still has sticky areas as you knead, just sprinkle some more corn starch on those areas or along the bottom of the bowl. 
  5. Knead it until it feels like play dough, then add a little more play dough on top and have fun! 

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