Aquarium in a Jar (or in a bottle)

This is one of my favorites because it’s always a crowd pleaser yet simple and easy to do. The nice thing about this one is it’s very customizable with things you have around the house. We’ve done this one a lot and a lot of different ways, including using fish stickers on the outside of the jar or little toy fishes on the inside and either way works great. We recycled a few of the jars I had in my house and a recycled container. You can also achieve the same affect using a clear plastic bottle. My daughter and I like to read stories about ocean life before the project, and sometimes I’ll have her practice her writing by creating a story about the fish after she makes it. 

To get started you will need: 

  • A clear jar, container, or bottle
  • Sand or aquarium gravel
  • A few sea shells 
  • Blue food dye
  • Water
  • Toy fishes or fish stickers 
  • Glitter 

  1. Fill the bottle or jar with the gravel or sand and then have them arrange the shells and fish to their liking  
  2. Very slowly mix a small amount of the blue food dye into the water. We’ve made the mistake of making it too dark and having to pour some out of the jar to dilute quite a few times, so now I like to hold it up to the light and always dilute it down more then I think is necessary.
  3. Mix the glitter into the water 
  4. Pour into the bottle, close up the top add the stickers to the outside (if you’re using them) and done! Nice and easy 

Enjoy your aquarium! 

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